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LTE network for pharmaceutical

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MSD has invested over £2.2Bn in Ireland over its 50 years in Ireland. It forms part of the ever-expanding pharmaceutical presence in Ireland, with five locations across Ireland, employing 2,000 people. MSD Ireland plays a key role in developing and commercialising key pharmaceutical and biologic drugs in Merck’s pipeline-small molecule, biologics and vaccines.

Vilicom was selected to deliver a mobile coverage network for their sate-of-the-art, digital-enabled multi-product commercial bulk drug substance facility in Swords, Dublin.

This facility, once completed, will be the primary site for the manufacture of Merck’s immunotherapy blockbuster Keytruda.

The solution needed to deliver a key digital enabling platform to ensure the facility would operate at the highest levels of productivity and safety.

Challenges and considerations

As a production facility in construction there were several considerations for Vilicom in delivering a Mobile network for the inbuilding areas of this facility.

  • Working in a facility in midst of specialized construction, with the highest levels of security and Health and Safety
  • Working to exacting timescales
  • Working with several stakeholders and contractors all under extreme deadlines for completion of their own projects
  • Working in Atex rated environment.
  • Covid 19 restrictions 

Technical summary

The solution comprised:

  • Total of 336 antennas
  • 67 clean rooms antennas out of 336 antennas
  • Approx. 320 splitters/tappers
  • Approx. 9,300 meters of RF cable
  • UMTS 2100 and LTE 1800 front-end equipment
  • Head-end equipment to cater 6 x remote radio unit
  • 6 x Remote Radio Unit

Solutions and delivery

Following consultation with our strategic partners and Mobile Operators, Vilicom designed a solution that features a 340 Antenna system developed to cover all in-door areas for 4G network.

The choice of antennae proved critical to not only ensuring the optimal coverage footprint for the facility but also bespoke antennae which complied with MSD H&S regulations to ensure 0% dust build up on the equipment.

These antennas were carefully selected for the most clinically clean areas of the facility.

From the initial proposals to the final installation, the system was delivered to the highest standards. The design process alone was a very detailed collaborative process over a 3-month period.

It was delivered in stages to ensure maximum benefit to the clients requirements in consideration of their entire construction project.

The project was delivered successfully and Vilicom has been selected for additional works in other facilities as a result. The project was delivered on time and on budget.


For further information or to discuss further technical specs, please contact Gearoid Collins at

About Vilicom

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