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Wiredscore Certification Survey


Mobile Connectivity is critical in the modern world. People simply want to be able to connect whenever they want at home or in the office - where we spend 90% of our time. That is why we provide wiredscore connectivity certification surveys to ensure that our clients have coverage that they can rely on.

Wiredscore is a digital connectivity certification system for Commercial and Residential real estate. It enables tenants to assess what their communications experience is likely to be should they take out a lease for office space or an apartment.

Unfortunately, many businesses find out about connectivity problems after they take up occupancy, often leaving them frustrated when they can’t make or receive calls or access mobile internet. It is much easier to identify and fix the problem before tenants move it.

A wiredscore certification survey helps landlords and developers market their buildings on 4 different levels – Platinum, Gold, Silver, Certified. It is the global standard for technology in the built environment. For more information, visit

A significant component of this certification is a mobile coverage evaluation survey which will inform the levels of coverage for each Mobile Operator in a particular scheme and also informs the types of solution available to fix.

Vilicom is a selected and approved service provider of wireless surveys for Mobile coverage and WiFi coverage.

We are proud to have delivered over 2,000 wiredscore certification surveys and we are also an approved supplier to the mobile network operators in the UK and Ireland.

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