What is Wired Certification?

Connectivity Matters!

With the ever increasing demand for quality indoor mobile coverage, a new commercial real estate rating system has emerged that rates your buildings digital infrastructure – the result, your ‘wired certification’. This rating is in fact a service being offered by https://wiredscore.com/uk/ – visit their website to find out more of the details concerning this service.

As the digital transformation of society moves on, we are needing to ensure that our social, public – and most importantly – our work environments are able to support the growing expectations and dependencies on wireless technology.

As landlords and facilities managers, your wired certification can assist you to understand, improve and promote your buildings capability in respect of its digital infrastructure. Similarly, one of the most important factors driving a tenants decision to occupy new premises is its internet connectivity.

Further benefits (as highlighted by www.wiredscore.com/uk/ ) to obtaining your wired certification include:

  • Future retrofit costs can be avoided
  • Attract and secure new tenants
  • Optimisation of the building design process
  • Enhance your buildings reputation

To this end, Vilicom are supporting this service by offering walk tests for wired certification. So, whether it’s a new development, redevelopment or an existing occupied building…contact us today to find out more about your wired certification and how Vilicom can help you to get certified.