Vilicom Participates in Engineers Week 2013

As part of Engineers Week 2013, Vilicom Engineering collaborated with the Institute of Technology Tallaght in a number of events aimed at introducing students, secondary and primary school children to Engineering. Our CEO, Sean Keating, took part in the launch of the week along with representatives of IT Tallaght and sponsors of the week.

Vilicom Volunteers at Engineers Week

Vilicom provided volunteers from across the Company to partake in the events for primary school children throughout the week. Much to the excitement of our engineers, this involved Lego robots, electronic cars and miniature circuits. One surprising and amusing response to a mast brought by one of the Engineers was an outburst of ‘…have you ever seen a ROCKET??’ by one of the bewildered children. Fun was had by all; and an astonishing revelation of the level of knowledge possessed by such young keen children on the current technology in our rapidly changing telecommunications industry.

As a special contribution to Engineers Week 2013, Vilicom organised a speaker for the closing event. A graduate of Engineering and Architecture, John J Ballance started his own Project Management Company in London and moved on to Bruce Shaw to continue his successful career in the construction industry where he still works. The talk was a great success, enthusing many students to consider the differing paths available in a life of Engineering.

Vilicom are continuing their close relationship with IT Tallaght through the graduate programme and ongoing support for IT Tallaght students. This includes ongoing presentations delivered by employees of VIlicom which outline the opportunities we offer graduates and students.