Vilicom is Taking to the Skies

In Vilicom we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate in new services that can deliver faster, better and higher quality services at lower cost. We recently took to the skies with the latest, state of the art, drone technologies to see what we could actually achieve; surveying towers and telecoms equipment using these robots. The results were simply remarkable; shooting images of 4K quality with ease from heights up to 50m was both novel and eye opening. The videos captured allowed engineers to determine, corrosion on tower hardware, available space on structures, equipment installed and cable runs and LoS from any height are captured with ease.

We’re exploring where we can take this service and are both encouraged and excited about the developments in the technologies and where we can take it, to benefit our customers with new and innovative approaches to business as usual. Get in touch, if interested in seeing some of the footage we’ve captured, it promises to be a real eye opener.

– Stephen