Solving Indoor Mobile Coverage & Wi-Fi Challenges

From having worked in the construction industry over five year during the mid 2000’s, through the drive toward energy efficiency in building construction techniques, it’s been remarkable to see how the level of insulation and metal properties in construction materials has grown considerably. The most dramatic change I’ve seen is the improvement in U values in glass. While the energy efficiency in buildings is improving greatly and running costs are falling, at Vilicom we’re seeing a large decrease in available in-door mobile signals to building users. The pursuit of the green agenda has inadvertently caused a huge issue for building developers / users in preventing seamless mobile coverage. While mobile operators endeavour to keep up with the deployment of dedicated in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS), they cannot resolve every issue and are having to scale back on deployments to align themselves more as a service utility provider, similar to Gas and Electrical companies.

The fall back to Wi-Fi is an obvious one that most buildings will now have as a matter of course, but while voice communication over Wi-Fi can struggle with quality issues and many public Wi-Fi systems leaving a lot to be desired in terms of reasonable data speeds, the frustration of users continues to grow and businesses can suffer. Facility management and building developers for both new and existing buildings can avail of correctly engineered Wi-Fi and / or mobile phone coverage systems to resolve the issues being experienced. Steve Covey, American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker, spoke about starting with the end in mind as the key to achieving any goal in life. Unfortunately time and again we see that this isn’t the way wireless deployments are done in buildings. Too often over engineering in the name of quality is impacting in exactly the opposite way and reducing the overall user experience.

One may consider Steven Covey’s end game to be an engineered solution but in the case of wireless systems the end game, 100% of the time, has to be a satisfied customer receiving the best available experience on any given system.

– Stephen