Resolving Network Quality Problems Arising from External Interference

The radio environment is being steadily degraded by new sources of external interference.  We’ve noticed lately that we are being called out more frequently to help resolve such problems.  External interference can come from a wide variety of sources and have a bigger effect than you might think.  As electronics become cheaper, short range devices (SRDs) are proliferating.  Aging equipment is leading to new sources of interference from passive intermodulation (PIM).  Unlicensed equipment is being bought cheaply over the Internet.  Changes to building construction are driving increased demand for off-air repeaters to improve indoor coverage.  Identification of interference sources needs a methodical approach, careful selection of test equipment and a high degree of skill.  This and more is discussed in our new white paper “Resolving Network Quality Problems Arising form External Interferece, which can be found in the white papers section on this page.