New Test Equipment

We have just received delivery of a bunch on new test equipment from Anite.  This will be used by Special Coverage Solutions, In-Building and Radio Network Optimisation Teams.  The Nemo Walker Air equipment and software allows synchronised testing for the benchmarking of multiple operators. Nemo Walker Air offers full application level metrics on voice calls, voice quality, data transfers for both FTP and HTTP, web browsing, Youtube, Facebook and more.

Anite Nemo AirWalker Test Set

The master unit controls and communicates with the six slave Samsung Galaxy S4+ handsets via Bluetooth, synchronising test sequences and receiving radio measurements in real time. As multiple technologies and or operators can be tested at once, this increases the speed of evaluating the coverage in a location as the test site will need to be walked fewer times.

Vilicom’s Nemo Walker Air equipment includes a Galaxy Note tab, six Galaxy S4’s, and a backpack with Verbatim USB battery packs allowing approximately ten hours of operation time.