Moving Forward with Small Cells in the Enterprise

For several years the topic of small cells for the enterprise market has been widely discussed. Amongst vendors it has been a case that the technology solution, comprising of Access Points connected over Ethernet to a concentrator, is ready. However, there has been some delay in mobile operators going beyond initial trials.

Vilicom is now seeing active movement in this space and we are convinced that this technology will now start to be widely deployed by operators. As a company that is expert in the deployment of special coverage solutions, we are excited by this new technology that complements the range of “small cell” solutions that the operator can consider.

Recently, Vilicom has supported a pilot deployment in South Africa; carried out desk-top analysis and design for a European operator; and is planning for the support of a pilot deployment in the Middle East as well as a market in Europe.

These are certainly exciting times for Vilicom, not only deploying a “new” technology solution but also the variety of markets requesting this service.

-Baldev Gill