A Hybrid Model for Throughput Evaluation of OFDMA Networks

Data throughput is a fundamental consideration in the dimensioning of wireless networks.  Our colleague, Shyam Mahota, has done some great research on evaluating throughput on OFDMA networks.  This gives better insights into the performance of LTE-Advanced networks.  His paper describing the new approach and the results obtained has been published in the Journal of IET Engineering.

The Hybrid model considered allows throughput of intermediate call states to be evaluated as well as the overall network throughput.  There may be cases where we need to know the throughput of any particular call state from the user point of view.  Common simulation approaches do not provide the throughput of any intermediate call state because it is not possible to obtain this data, whereas the analytical approach provides the average performance.  Well worth a read!

Hybrid Model OFDMA (pdf)

Paper on the IET Digital Library