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Network Coverage Solutions

We provide a variety of products which work together to provide you with reliable wireless coverage solutions, keeping you connected and your business connected. From Distributed Antenna Systems, Small Cells, Mobile Repeaters, Wi-Fi or the game-changing power of vRAN (virtual Radio Access Networks), we’re constantly working with our business partners to harness the full potential of the latest ‘always-on’ wireless coverage solutions and technology to maintain mission-critical industrial processes and keep lone ‘at-risk’ workers safe and in constant contact with their teams. We understand that unreliable wireless coverage can have a detrimental effect on not only business operations but also for those vital processes that are reliant on stable and dependable wireless solutions.

Case Study

Bristol-Myers Squibb Mobile Coverage

Read our Bristol-Myers Squibb Mobile Coverage case study to find out more.

Vilicom achieved seamless 3G and 4G coverage across four multi-storey ‘concrete&steel’ industrial buildings and a 130 acre campus.