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Manufacturing Offshore Communication Solutions

For sectors such as energy generation, utilities, and manufacturing, connectivity and data integration are a necessity. It’s important to invest in efficient smart communication solutions for manufacturing, but for those in more rural or hard-to-reach locations finding a suitable, reliable network with smart connectivity can often prove to be difficult. Simply maintaining effective communications across the entire footprint of a huge industrial estate (such as the 130-acre Bristol Myers Squibb campus in Dublin featured in our Case Study) can pose a very real and costly problem. Without reliable, effective coverage, and unified communication, an organisation’s operational speed and performance, site security, and employee safety can all be compromised dramatically. Here at Vilicom, we are pleased to provide manufacturing communication solutions. Find out more about our specialist wireless networks for the manufacturing industry below.

Manufacturers worldwide must adopt these new groundbreaking technologies in order to stay ahead of the competition and to maintain an authoritative stance within their industries. Industry 4.0 will offer full business integration, bringing the virtual and physical worlds together and offering unified communication and collaboration. Supported by cloud business technologies and the provision of reliable offshore communication networks, Industry 4.0 will use connectivity to drive productivity and improve processes in corporations worldwide. Transform your shop floor with sensor data, automation technologies, M2M integration, and mobility. Utilise these technological advancements to enhance your complete supply chain visibility and communications.

Many major manufacturers are already working to transform their strategies, helping them to align with these new trends. If you haven’t already considered the impact that this revolution could have on your business, then now is the time to take action.

To find out more information about our wireless manufacturing communication systems, or for specifications about our offshore 4G and 5G networks, please get in touch.