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Radio Frequency Testing and Mobile Network Benchmarking

Ensuring that you have sufficient mobile network performance and coverage is something that must be taken into consideration. One way of doing this is through a continuous process of Radio Frequency (RF) testing and mobile network benchmarking to ensure that coverage is reliable and to a high standard. Vilicom’s philosophy is one of learning, improvement, and rigorous re-validation to identify all opportunities to increase your mobile network performance. That’s how we grow our expertise and market knowledge. You can be sure that if there is scope to enhance any aspect of your wireless communication, Vilicom will find it through our extensive radio frequency testing services and network performance benchmarking.

Radio Frequency Testing Services

Radio Frequency Testing, often referred to as RF Testing, is a crucial element when monitoring and analysing the performance of your network. Radio Frequency energy is most commonly used in providing telecommunications services, such as radio and TV broadcasting, telephones, radio communications, and satellites. As such, ensuring that you have products and systems in place which are able to operate in an electromagnetic environment without disturbances is essential to operations. RF Testing covers technologies such as Wi-Fi and Cellular technology. It will ensure that your devices meet local regulations for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety, and RF exposure. Our radio frequency testing services also incorporate Continuous Wave (CW) testing, which is carried out at various locations throughout the network, both indoors and outdoors. This information will ensure that the frequency is consistent throughout the network. For more information about our mobile network coverage and radio frequency testing, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

Case Studies

View our case studies which illustrate how our proven experience and strategic insight help our clients benefit from new and unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity and growth.