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Effortless and instant connectivity

At Vilicom, we are the acknowledged experts in the design and optimisation of wireless systems that deliver the kind of end-to-end solutions that transform organisations. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in radio and transmission design and optimisation. Not only do we build the world’s most advanced RF and Microwave networks but can transform existing ones by carefully reviewing and modifying the existing wireless network design. By doing so, this enables us to increase performance across cellular, Wi-Fi and fixed wireless access and extending to microwave and fibre networks. The end result is the absolute optimal end user experience for anyone using a communications network, enabling effortless and instant connectivity.

Our consultants will also consider the fact that microwave radio systems do not pass through solid objects, which can cause significant problems if in the city or surrounded by tall buildings. Our expert team has tried and tested methods in place which can solve such issues, for example building repeaters between two towers if the signal is being blocked.

Case Studies

View our case studies which illustrate how our proven experience and strategic insight help our clients benefit from new and unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity and growth.