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Your Network. Your specs. Your rules.

Private independent cellular networks offer the flexibility to prioritise voice and data and provide a solid foundation for IoT applications, safety systems, voice and data communications. For many businesses controlling their own private lte network environment allows them to quickly adapt and modify their private cell phone network as their business progresses. Our bespoke private mobile networks offer full control, capacity and coverage in a way that can be easily deployed, providing businesses with a sophisticated professional solution. But in order to deliver fully on their promise of reliable functionality, private lte independent cellular networks demand not only guaranteed bandwidth but also total responsiveness for mission-critical and enterprise communications.

When using a private mobile network, your options are endless.

Some examples of where private mobile or LTE networks are currently used include:

  • Monitoring personnel
  • Allows for reliable sitewide CCTV
  • Control robotics and automation in warehousing
  • Live audio/video communication
  • Receiving alarms from body worn sensors
  • Service continuity during critical emergency situations

For more information about private lte mobile networks, get in touch to speak to one of our leading industry experts.