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IoT Data Connectivity Providers

Do you need help building an effective IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem for your business? We are a specialist IoT connectivity and telecom service provider. The technology world is one of the fastest-changing industries in the world, with new and exciting developments happening frequently thanks to the advancing industry. Our IoT connectivity solutions enable your business to keep up with the latest technological developments and help your business to keep up with the demands of the modern consumer. At Vilicom, we are able to provide a range of IoT network connectivity management solutions from off the shelf services to expertly managed IoT connectivity ideal for a variety of different markets. We’re proud to have built up our renowned reputation as certified specialist IoT service providers and strive to enable businesses all over the globe to increase their IoT network connectivity with our management platforms. Find out more about our IoT connectivity management and solutions below.

Case Study

Remote Monitoring for Energy Sector

Read our Remote Monitoring for Energy Sector case study to find out more

Vilicom’s solution comprised a network of data capture units linked via wireless to a dedicated cloud platform using a combination of satellite and/or cellular.