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Wireless Network Coverage for Large Events

As we become increasingly reliant on our mobile data, it’s frustrating for consumers that wireless network coverage for high-capacity venues often fails to keep up with demand. It’s important that venues cater to the needs of customers and enhance their experience, by allowing them to remain online, despite the crowds. In order for venues to satisfy customer expectations, having adequate ultra-high-capacity networks that provide wireless coverage solutions is essential.

Large venues and airports all over the world are seeing a 60% increase in the data usage of their customers every year. In order to keep up with these increasing requirements, it’s important to make sure you have high-capacity mobile coverage in place. Here at Vilicom, we specialise in providing bespoke neutral host solutions, providing wireless network coverage for high-capacity venues, and large events that can comfortably handle the number of users you cater for. Whether you are an airport looking for extreme Wi-Fi coverage or a stadium looking for a reliable wireless or 5G solution, our high-capacity networks have you covered. Keep up to date with the modern requirements your customers expect, by finding out more about our high-capacity mobile coverage networks and solutions here.

Case Study

Dublin Airport Indoor coverage

Read our Dublin Airport Indoor Coverage and High Capacity Wireless for Stadiums such as Croke Park and Craven Cottage

“Vilicom is working with building developers and consulting engineers to make the deployment of large-scale Distributed Antenna Systems a mainstream part of any ‘Smart Stadium’ project.”.