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Mobile Connectivity & Wireless Network Solutions

Vilicom’s unrivalled expertise places us at the forefront of innovation in a smart wireless network and mobile connectivity solutions, harnessing technology, data, and intelligent analytics to deliver unprecedented productivity, functionality, and efficiencies. By designing, installing, and managing network solutions across the globe, we empower some of the biggest companies in the world to offer their stakeholders the ultimate freedom to communicate seamlessly, wirelessly, and reliably with our integrated mobile connectivity and wireless network solutions.

Having reliable indoor mobile connectivity is essential these days to be able to keep up with the demands of the modern world. Our mobile connectivity solutions enable users around the globe to access excellent indoor mobile coverage, offering a flexible and functional solution to their needs. Our team of experienced wireless network designers will carry out a thorough survey to advise you on the most suitable commercial mobile wireless solutions, providing you with a bespoke product tailored to suit your needs. Regardless of your needs and requirements, our enterprise network connectivity solutions for businesses help to keep you connected when it matters the most.

We can also provide mobile connectivity coverage solutions for high-capacity venues, such as airports, hospitals, or stadiums, working with venue operators to deliver smart solutions.

Our team’s extensive knowledge of providing mobile connectivity solutions enables us to provide our clients with products designed specifically to meet their requirements. We understand that the right high-performance connectivity solutions can enhance business performance and that reliability is key. Our indoor mobile coverage solutions are carefully designed, installed, and managed by our team of experienced engineers.

Our systems will help you to securely gain access to your network from any location, whilst our smart mobile wireless solutions will enable your employees to collaborate like never before, enabling you to enhance many aspects of your business. 

You’ll find a full breakdown of our mobile and wireless business solutions below. Alternatively, to discuss our mobile networking consulting services in more detail, please get in touch with one of our specialist engineers.