Building Connections: the future of indoor mobile coverage

Building Connections is the first accessible solution for business and property owners to easily improve indoor mobile coverage.

Indoor mobile coverage is vital to business today but can be complex to deploy. Building Connections takes all of the pain of improving mobile coverage away from business owners, property managers, facilities managers and IT teams.

Vilicom’s dedicated team offers a complete end-to-end service – from initial design to ongoing support and upgrades as necessary – with the option of no huge CAPEX costs upfront, making mobile coverage as simple to bring onstream as any other utility.

Building Connections is the future of indoor mobile coverage.

Building Connections : Indoor Mobile Coverage Study

The Building Connections: Indoor Mobile Coverage Study, shows that the majority of business owners are struggling with a lack of 5 bar indoor mobile coverage and they don’t know how to fix it – you are not alone.

Our report gives you a comprehensive guide to what you can do to solve your coverage problems. Download it now.


We take away the complexities associated with deploying indoor mobile coverage hardware, assessing each unique space and managing the whole process, taking on everything from initial design to ongoing management.


Whether you’re responsible for an airport with millions of passengers or a small business on one floor of a shared worked space, we ensure you have the indoor network quality and speed you deserve, regardless of your unique limitations and priorities.


Installing indoor mobile coverage hardware enables you to support more services and provides faster speed and user experiences from any device. You don’t have to accept the lower productivity and customer complaints that poor indoor mobile coverage causes.

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