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We’ve partnered with Mavenir to streamline servicing of inbuilding 4G and 5G connectivity

20th Feburary 2020

Vilicom introduces “Connectivity-as-a-Service” (CaaS) – a new fully digital business model based on Open Virtualised RAN technology.

At Vilicom we pride ourselves on developing creative new infrastructure solutions and bringing them to market. It is in this vein that we announce the launch of a completely new offering in partnership with Mavenir – “Connectivity-as-a-Service” (CaaS).

This new fully digital business model, based on Open Virtualised RAN technology (vRAN), is capable of streamlining delivery and significantly reducing the costs associated with maintaining in-building 4G and 5G mobile networks. A huge factor in the success of this innovation comes with thanks to Mavenir’s cutting-edge vRAN technology.

vRAN has enabled us to host multiple networks using the same core IT infrastructure. This allows us to streamline operations and delivery when providing advanced mobile connectivity for new customers. This increased business agility enables greater network flexibility and dynamic RAN optimisation – an approach that is vastly different to traditional proprietary methods.

This new, affordable and reliable service has been developed to deliver fit-for-purpose mobile connectivity services and offer quality assured 4G and 5G communications that cater to all our customers’ needs.

Primarily aimed at property developers, landlords and business owners, our new CaaS solution is targeted towards anyone that considers mobile connectivity to be an important asset on their property, across their wider estate, or to be a fundamental building block of their organisations’ digital infrastructure and strategy, and wish to expand their enterprise offerings.

A message from our CEO, Sean Keating:

“Mobile Network Operators are, and have been traditional partners of Vilicom for the last 20-years. They will also benefit from this product, since we believe it will allow them to densify the deployment of network coverage and capacity where it is most needed; indoors. We’d like to thank our partners at Mavenir for their continued support during the development stages of what we can now call a successful partnership, and look forward to building a connected world, together.”


Download the full press release here.