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Vilicom Installs Network Vital for New Smart Labs

Vilicom Managing Director: Marc Ibanez
Vilicom Managing Director: Marc Ibanez

Vilicom has installed an advanced in-building cellular network that will support 19 new test labs at Smart DCC’s Manchester facility

Smart labs rely heavily on smart networks, and our installation of a robust, in-building cellular network at Smart DCC’s new Manchester office, Brabazon House, is just that. This level of connectivity will prove an essential tool in the rigorous testing of the latest smart energy technologies and initiatives at the new Smart DCC site.

The connectivity will be relied on by a total of 19 labs, which will host 2,400 smart meter testing banks; making it one of the largest radio frequency test facilities in Europe. Every month, 70 million messages are transmitted across the national smart meter network and that monitored big data helps identify individual smart installations and pinpoint any issues as they arise in real time.

The new network will provide the infrastructure to support innovation and growth for Smart DCC and its continued efforts in developing smart meter, home automation and electric vehicle projects. The cellular network capability will allow experimentation and testing to be done in a secure and robust sandbox environment.

Brabazon House is the home for smart meter innovation, and a critical central hub for Smart DCC’s expanding operations. Its facilities will house machine learning projects and will have the ability to facilitate development of electric vehicles and other critical technologies driven by a growing consumer market, as well as Government-led initiatives that will prove vital in meeting the UK’s net-zero carbon target.

A message from our Managing Director, Marc Ibanez:

“Our partnership with Smart DCC reinforces our commitment as a business to support other like-minded companies in achieving a common goal of making low-carbon energy accessible and sustainable. This is the critical test bed for smart meter operations in the UK and we are proud to have contributed to such a forward-thinking project.

“The work we have conducted with Smart DCC has ensured delivery of a safe, secure and resilient network for their new hub of operations. We have given Smart DCC the tools to be able to test, understand and innovate new services for their customers at a critical time of great demand and drive for further sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives.”


Download the full press release here.