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Building Connections in Dublin Docklands

Parking in the Dublin docklands last week it struck me that as a destination I’ve spent a huge amount of time here over the past number of years. Clearly this section of Dublin houses a hotbed of business for the city, many of the US multinationals boasting European Headquarters offices in this ever developing area of the capital. We reviewed the number of indoor mobile coverage solutions we’ve deployed in the area over the last few years and incredibly this measures over 2,500,000 square feet footprint of office floor plate now with enhanced mobile coverage for both 3G and 4G networks. Basements are a big feature in most commercial buildings today and are notorious for poor quality and in most case no coverage at all. We find ourselves working more and more with building owners to enhance these areas to both ensure calls can be maintained when moving in and out of basement floors but also for security for staff and basement users.

With such a global focus on technological advancement for cities we’re delighted to contribute to the connectivity boasted by Dublin, as every antenna installed and every meter of cable pulled represents a conversation, social media post, email or piece of data that can be sent or received without a second thought for an end user that is growing ever more demanding in terms of always being connected to the world.

– Stephen