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The Benefits of Indoor Coverage System Maintenance

I get my car serviced at regular intervals to ensure it’s running smoothly. These interventions allow me to have any small works completed to avoid either breaking down or being hit with larger bills due to ignoring the little things that can be resolved with the right expertise and in a timely way. This type of preventative maintenance work translates to most operational systems that we find in a variety of buildings today. Fire alarm systems, emergency lighting testing, air-con upkeep and general electrical services are all reviewed at intervals to ensure they’re working their best. You may be wondering how this relates to indoor coverage system maintenance, so let’s explore this further.

The same principles apply to mobile network coverage systems technology which is becoming a standard technology fitted out in buildings today. The maintenance and upkeep of these systems ensures both the infrastructure installed and those using it are getting the best performance. With everyone’s attention so focused on the battery life of those devices we carry today a properly maintained system can ensure the best battery life for your devices and those users around you. If antennas are performing as they should, mobiles don’t have to ramp up and down their signal powers as much which reduces drain on battery life. The benefits of a regular indoor coverage system maintenance program can be seen is better data through speeds and faster internet access for users as well.

A recent project tackled by a team of two engineers from Vilicom took almost two weeks to complete as preventative indoor coverage system maintenance hadn’t been carried out for some time. The results of the investment in the maintenance works were shown to be fruitful with an eightfold increase in data speed available on the DAS after works were completed and a considerable decrease in system interference. A new maintenance schedule has been agreed just after the service and with yearly checks, the performance can be kept at its optimum.

If you’re concerned about your mobile coverage system operating at its best, let us know and we’d be delighted to help. To discuss the benefits of indoor coverage system maintenance or to check your mobile network coverage, please get in touch.