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Private Networks

Here at Vilicom, we have had the pleasure of working within the private networks industry for many years and during this time we have seen dramatic changes such as 4g and 5g mobile private networks. Indoor private networks can be deployed across almost all industrial sectors, with benefits such as flexibility, full control and coverage, private lte networks can dramatically improve business operations by increasing workforce productivity through analytics and automation. 

 Our blog below discusses the ins and outs of private network solutions, offering specialist insights on topics such as connectivity offshore and 5g indoor private networks. To read more, please see below.

Moray East Off-shore Wind Farm - Private LTE Network

Vilicom delivers UKs first off-shore Open RAN (oRAN) private network for Vestas in Moray East wind farm

An all-new cloud-native private network is a first for a UK offshore wind farm. It will function as ...

Partnership with Three Ireland

Vilicom partners with Three Ireland to Unleash Mobile Connectivity

Three Ireland signs two-year partnership with Vilicom to bring next-generation mobile connectivity t ...

What did 4G do for us anyway?

What did 4G do for us anyway?

It’s easy to forget just how monumental the jump from 3G to 4G really was. Yes, 3G enabled many of ...

Why 5G and Industry 4.0 are better together

Why 5G and Industry 4.0 are better together

The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), is a simple concept with extraordinary possibilitie ...

Vilicom - a 5G spotlight

A 5G spotlight – is it too early to invest?

In a recent blog, we explored how an independently managed 5G network can help you eliminate many of ...

Vilicom and Orsted

Vilicom Connects the World’s Largest Offshore Windfarm

A mobile network will aid the development of the world’s largest offshore windfarm, which will gener ...

Private 5G networking

Your network, your rules – welcome to private 5G networking

Unprecedented speeds, low latency, enhanced capacity; the benefits of 5G are well documented. But wh ...

Dublin Airport Central

Vilicom unleashes Mobile Connectivity at Dublin Airport Central

Vilicom brings robust in-building mobile connectivity to Dublin Airport Ireland based wireless tele ...

Vilicom Installs Network Vital for New Smart Labs

Vilicom has installed an advanced in-building cellular network that will support 19 new test labs at ...

NHS Solution

Vilicom Assists NHS with Vital Networks at COVID-19 Field Hospitals

Vilicom deploys temporary in-building networks to support 2 new NHS field hospitals amid COVID-19 ou ...