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About Us

Mobile and Wireless Communication Specialists

We understand that in today's digital world, more and more people are relying heavily on consistent and uninterrupted high-performance mobile connectivity and digital communication. For over two decades, four continents and twenty countries, we have seamlessly provided mobile and wireless communication solutions. As an acknowledged industry leader in cellular innovation, we have enabled millions of people to enjoy communication freedom.

We've become the solution provider of choice for those looking for reliable mobile coverage that can grow alongside their business operations. Vilicom is the smart choice for connectivity, giving people the freedom needed to learn, share and work anywhere in the world. Our experienced network engineer specialists use their extensive industry knowledge to solve complex connectivity issues and offer our clients a wide range of end to end solutions to ensure high capacity cellular connectivity.

Our team has had the pleasure of delivering mobile and wireless communication coverage to hospitals, offices, restaurants and shopping centres. We also keep a vast number of customers connected and happy at high capacity venues such as sports events and airports. As a 5g approved supplier to many major telecommunication mobile providers, we can now offer a new gold standard of connectivity, enabling us to achieve our end goal of unleashing mobile connectivity.

To find out more about our wireless network engineering and 5g solutions, please view our video below. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our wireless network specialists today.