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Welcome to the World of Gigaspeed Private 5G Wireless Networks

Your journey into the future of private 5G mobile networks starts now.

Untether your people and machines to raise productivity to the next level.



There is no need to wait before you get the benefits of real-time 4G LTE/5G private wireless networks, delivering unparalleled performance and essential connectivity for virtually everything, anywhere.

Here at Vilicom, we are proud to be building reliable GIGAWAVE-managed private LTE networks across the world, in the most demanding environments for essential applications, keeping people and machines connected. Built using internationally recognised standards from 3GPP, with equipment selected from competing ORAN vendors, GIGAWAVE is a fully managed, carrier-grade, 5G private network that makes the low cost of ownership and lower cost per Gb a reality.

Features Benefits
 Private/reserved coverage Only your devices can use the network guaranteeing preformance.
 Security Controlled access with data retained inside your DMZ
 Assured SLAs Exclusive resources guarantee high availability and reliability
 High Speed / Low Latency Enables applications demanding Ulltra Reliable Low Latency (URLL)
 5G Capacity for millions of devices in a scalable network
 ORAN Open technology increases choice delivering more features for less cost
 Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) Allows URLL cloud-based applications to be located in your premises

The Future is Here


The future is within reach for enterprises eager for the benefits of 5G networks, thanks to our private LTE network solutions.
Our 5G private networks are ideal for building Industry 4.0 solutions or for those who just need reliable coverage for any application.

You can lock in the productivity gains from advanced, low latency, multi-access edge computing (MEC), supporting a high density of multiple sensors and HD cameras, available as standard from many vendors today. Our latest GIGAWAVE wireless technology delivers high speed and capacity, widely supported by today's mobile devices. Scaling as your needs grow, you only pay for what you need today whilst keeping options open for the future.

Always On and Secure

GIGAWAVE is managed to provide high availability for users and applications in accordance with our assured SLA.

Our AI-powered platform tunes in real-time all key components, directing predictive maintenance schedules where needed, to keep network performance and availability high. Network slicing directs capacity where it’s needed, fencing off critical service lanes from high bandwidth applications, to give a dependable quality of service (QoS). Security starts at the GIGAWAVE network perimeter, building on the inherently highly secure SIM-based 5G identity access control, allowing our private wireless networks to operate within your enterprise’s security policies.

Faster Development

GIGAWAVE has been designed from the ground up with open standards at its heart.

Our latest GIGAWAVE private wireless network technology gives developers access to popular design tools and platforms that accelerate development whilst controlling the quality of any solution. These include edge application container managers for MEC and access to tools from AWS Greengrass, Azure IoT, IBM Bluemix and Google Edge.

Low Impact and Agile

The ORAN technology at the heart of GIGAWAVE integrates with existing IT infrastructure, using less space and resources at your sites.

Our compact Wireless Access Points are designed to deliver coverage using structured cabling, making changes possible by your existing people and suppliers with normal IT skills. When you need more capacity or change your workspace, GIGAWAVE private wireless networks can easily adapt.

Next Generation Voice

GIGAWAVE wireless networks support all legacy voice platforms using VoLTE, with traditional phone numbering and gateways to public networks, as required.

Push To Talk (PTT) services, using dedicated handsets or smartphones, are options with all the convenience of short voice messages, group calling and status flags. All our voice services are carrier grade with QoS network parameters set to give a high QoE.

Short Build Time

Vilicom have all the skills to build GIGAWAVE private 5G wireless networks under one roof and act independently from public network operators, having delivered over 1,000 worldwide.

We can apply for spectrum, install backhaul and project manage all the skills required to produce your private 5G mobile network, fast. Data Centres are under our ownership giving us direct control of all tasks critical to successful project delivery, on time.

You’re in Control

GIGAWAVE private wireless network management portals give you visibility of performance and the assurance that you can act in good time as demands change.

With dynamic business and industrial processes, GIGAWAVE gives you the agility of a software-defined network (SDN), to meet new requirements, from autonomous applications and people alike.

To find out more information about our private wireless networks in a 5G world, please get in touch.