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Offshore Wireless Networks

Delivering private mobile networks to some of the largest offshore wind farms in the world.

Unparalleled offshore wireless network performance and essential connectivity, keeping people and machines connected at all times and in the toughest environments.

Building efficiencies into the construction and operations an offshore wind farm is a challenge without superfast and reliable connectivity.

At Vilicom, we have delivered high-performing, secure 4G and 5G mobile private wireless networks to some of the largest offshore wind farms in the world providing scalable, reliable, high speed and cost-efficient internet connectivity solutions.

We have achieved this through our unique and in-house designed 4G 5G offshore Private Mobile Network Service – GIGAWAVE - which, based on the latest Cloud Network techniques, combines the reliability of always on-IT systems with new innovations in the field of Open RAN and Core Network Function Virtualization.

Vilicom’s GIGAWAVE network delivers unrivalled performance and vital mobile connectivity keeping people and machines connected in some of the most demanding environments. Our offshore transmission network has been designed specifically to be reliable despite the remote locations.

To learn more about our g and 5g offshore wireless networks, please get in touch today.

Delivering these networks to operating sea vessels


Acutely aware of the hundreds of people at sea at any one time – and particularly during an offshore wind construction phase – Vilicom’s GIGAWAVE provides reliable 4G and 5G network connectivity to all project operating sea vessels. GIGAWAVE delivers functionality that enables communication not only between workers at sea but also back home and for use in leisure time.


4G 5G Offshore Mobile Private Networks (MPN)

Vilicom is building reliable, secure and high-speed GIGAWAVE networks across the globe, in the most demanding environments for essential applications that keep people and machines connected.

Built using internationally recognized standards – and where the most competitive Open RAN vendors have been selected – GIGAWAVE is a fully managed, carrier-grade mobile network that delivers low-cost wireless network ownership.

GIGAWAVE is implemented in a system of virtual networks that implement both 4G and 5G core functions. This gives customers the reassurance that the network caters for devices that already support 5G, whilst also supporting devices that only support up to 4G technologies.

Vilicom’s GIGAWAVE wireless network technology provides customers with the certainty of high speed and extensive capacity – widely supported by 4G and 5G devices – that can scale as and when your requirements change.

Case Study

Private LTE Network for Moray East

Read our case study on the Moray East Offshore project which utilised the GIGAWAVE product

Flexible contracts

Our flexible contract terms mean customers can choose the GIGAWAVE package most suited to their needs. Customers are also reassured that – should they need more capacity or change workspace – GIGAWAVE will easily adapt to these changing needs.

Complete turnkey offering

Through its GIGAWAVE product offering, Vilicom provides a complete end-to-end network connectivity service based on 3GPP 4G and 5G standards. This includes the full design, build, operation and 24/7 maintenance of the service to all users of the network, delivering the highest standards in operational quality.

Security and Sustainability at the core of our Network

Vilicom’s continuous and rigorous penetration testing ensures you have the security of a carrier-grade 4G and 5G network. Our cloud infrastructure is located in our carefully selected Data Centre which is fully powered by renewable energy.

Innovative solutions utilising Virtualized Open RAN cloud technology

With Virtualized Open RAN technology at the very heart of GIGAWAVE, customers are reassured that the private offshore network easily integrates with all existing IT infrastructure, utilising less space and resources whilst driving significant commercial efficiencies.

The capacity to run highly specialised radio software on commercial of-the-shelf hardware, also offers an extra level of flexibility and agility in our design of fit-for-purpose networks. To discover more about our offshore wireless network technology, please contact us today.